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For most Australians, building one’s own home is an exciting dream to behold.  However, going through the planning processes and financial expenses are really tiresome. Taking advantage of a construction loan is suitable for any borrower intending to build their dream home.

But, securing these types of loans is never as easy as it sounds, and can always pose a few risks. Think about the many tasks you need to do: budgeting carefully and keeping tabs on the construction progress and schedule, and ultimately ensuring that expenses are managed carefully.

When securing a construction loan, the entire cost of the project is not required upfront, as all the materials, and construction costs will not be utilised at the start. Therefore typically a construction loan facility is stage based, and therefore you won’t be paying interest on the amounts not drawn down from your loan facility.

It is important to understand how construction loans work and how it differs from regular home loan. Therefore, it is best to talk to experts who truly understand the entire process.

Our Construction Loans Hobart team are always on hand to offer expert advice.  You can rest your worries on us.  With us in charge, you are sure that we will assist you to find the right loan package to suit your needs.  We’ll quickly set up your construction loan approval process at the best rates possible, and provide constant guidance, communication of each step of the process.  We will build you dream home together!

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